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A fiber optic tools kit worthy of communicator ①

Now the global 4G, 5G network process is accelerating the construction, optical communication industry of optical cable construction and maintenance work is increasing, resulting in communication people for a variety of optical fiber tools demand is rising, such as optical fiber cleaver, optical fiber stripper, optical power meter, VFL, optical cable stripper......

The number and types of optical fiber tools in the tool package are increasing, which makes the tool package very messy and inconvenient to search.

 Buy a lot of kit, especially easy to break, handle or shoulder strap also easy to break?

 All kinds of tools crush and collide with each other, resulting in high failure rate and loss rate of optical fiber tools.... 

 These problems will no doubt add to our increasingly heavy work and cost us time, manpower and money

In order to solve the problems of "inconvenient tool carrying, easy tool collision loss, poor tool quality, small capacity", Jilong launched FTTH fiber tool kit, so that you can pack in hand, optical fiber projects go at once.

Jilong FTTH kit is available in two models, namely JFH-12E and JFH-63D. The two models differ only in product combination. In contrast, JFH-63D kit includes SC/PC fast connector and fixed-length stripper, which users can choose according to their actual needs.

Portable, collision - proof

The JFH-63D kit features ergonomic curves, a heart-warming Mosaic of soft plastic handles that reduce negative gravity for hand comfort and a shoulder strap for sloped back. JFH-63D takes full advantage of the three-dimensional layout, making it easy to use the rummaging tool to locate the tool at a glance; At the same time, it adopts high-density sponge precision mold opening, one-time molding, separated design, fully fixed tools, protect tools from collision, not easy to lose.

Waterproof and wear-resistant, large capacity

The JFH-63D kit is made of EVA material, which is waterproof and wear-resistant, and has a waterproof coating on its outer layer, so you don't have to worry about getting wet when working outdoors in rain or snow, and you don't have to worry about water damage. Moreover, the kit is fully equipped, so you don't have to go around to choose a single product

Main tools of FTTH

JFH-63D kit is equipped with a number of Jilong hot products, cost-effective products such as OPM-22 mini optical power meter, VFL-22M mini visual fault locator, fiber cleaner, leather wire stripper, cable stripper...

FTTH tool kit is suitable for optical fiber cold connection construction, optical fiber signal detection, etc.. At present, it has been used in optical fiber communication engineering, optical cable network inspection, transmission room, laboratory, etc..


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