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KL-6200 MASTER OTDR, worth recommending

OTDR is mainly a precision optoelectronic integrated instrument made by using the backscattering caused by Rayleigh scattering and Fresnel reflection when light is transmitted in the optical fiber. At present, OTDR is mainly used to measure optical fiber length, optical fiber attenuation, splice loss, optical fiber fault point location, and understanding optical fiber event point loss, etc. It is an indispensable tool in optical cable line maintenance, construction, and monitoring.

At present, among the global OTDR brands, the main manufacturers of OTDR with independent R&D and production capacity are EXFO, Yokogawa, JILONG and so on. In particular, JILONG, the earliest domestic research and development and production of optical fiber fusion splicer, a 30-year-old brand, and also excellent in the field of OTDR, the launch of a new generation of KL-6200 multi-functional OTDR, which made the entire industry shine.

In addition, it integrates multi-functions, OPM, SLS, VFL, end face detector FIP, network test RJ45, a real multi-function. The event dead zone 1m, the test distance up to 140km. The performance is even more outstanding among domestic OTDRs.

KL-6200 can be used in optical network terminal (ONT), drop terminal, fiber distribution hub (FDH) for FTTH distribution (F2) fiber characterization, fault diagnosis and fault finding, point-to-point testing, etc. It is used in long-distance networks, access networks, FTTx/PON network is a true multi-purpose trunk engineering machine.

Not only that, the KL-6200 is equipped with a 3.5-inch color LCD screen. Even though the size of the display screen is not large, the resolution is as high as 640×480, which is clearer to the naked eye than some OTDRs with 5-inch and 7-inch screens; brand new The designed UI interface subverts the previous design of the industry. It is simple and beautiful, and it also makes your test results clear at a glance.

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