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How to correctly use fiber-optic fusion splicer

Proper use of fiber optic fusion splicer is the important assurance and key links to reduce the fiber splice loss, follow these steps:

1. There shall be in strict accordance with the instructions and operating procedures welding machine, welding machine for correct operation.

2. Reasonable place fiber fiber splicer placed V-groove, action should be lightweight. This is because the core diameter of 10nm to a single-mode optical fiber, the splice loss to less than 0.1dB, the radial offset of the fiber axis is less than 0.8nm.

The fiber type properly set reasonable welding parameters (pre-discharge current, time and the main discharge current, the main discharge time, etc.).

4. After use, and use shall promptly remove the welding machine in the dust (in particular fixture, each mirror and v-groove of dust and fiber Unqualified).

5. Electrical welding electrode life is generally about 2,000 times, the use of a longer time after the electrodes will be oxidized, resulting in the discharge current is too large leaving the splice loss value increases. Then you can remove the electrodes, medical cotton wool moistened with alcohol to gently wipe and then loaded onto a welding machine, and discharge cleaned once. After washing several times if the discharge current is still too large, it shall replace the electrodes.

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