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Jilong Communications and TAWAA Tools reached a strategic cooperation The brand authorization ceremo

On Jan.11th, 2021, the TAWAA brand authorization ceremony of Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co., Ltd. and TAWAA Tools Limited was held at TAWAA Suzhou headquarters. Both parties Relevant senior leaders all attended the authorization signing ceremony. Jilong Communications is very pleased and honored to be TAWAA’s business partners. Both parties have ushered in a historic moment. The strong cooperation with each other not only promotes business development, but also works hard for the development of the optical communications industry.

Establishing a global service network responding to the 5G trend

About Jilong Communication

As the pioneer of the domestic fusion splicer brand, Jilong has gone through more than 20 years of ups and downs and realized the leap from "0" to "1" for domestic fusion splicers. Jilong is committed to building a world-renowned national brand and growing into an international Advanced enterprise! ! !

Jilong pursues the mission of "serving customers sincerely and building a century-old Jilong", with an attitude of openness and enterprising, cooperation and win-win, increasing investment in product research and development, continuous innovation and research, aiming at global 5G trends and Chinese strategy, closely follow the pace of new infrastructure led by 5G; Meanwhile, Jilong will deepen reform measures will start to establish a global service provider to the world International companies accelerate their progress!

Jilong & TAWAA cooperate to win the future

The TAWAA brand authorization released this time allows the two parties to jointly overcome and innovate in the field of optical communications. It also makes the Jilong optical fiber tool series more professional and complete.

General Manager Li of Jilong Communications said that he is very happy to cooperate with a creative enterprise like TAWAA Tools. The tools launched byTAWAA are professional and complete, which are urgently needed in the optical communication market. The cooperation between Jilong Communications and TAWAA Tools is based on complementary advantages, complementary products, and common development. He also hoped that the cooperation between the two parties can achieve higher results in fiber optic tools, fusion splicers and other aspects.

In the future, the two parties will further strengthen cooperation and jointly create cost-effective optical communication products and solutions through cooperation and innovation models such as products and businesses, and provide high-quality products and services to global customers.


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