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JILONG KL-6200 MASTER OTDR is coming

At 11:00 am on March 9th, Nanjing JILONG's "2022 New OTDR KL-6200 Launching Ceremony" was grandly held in JILONG Park. The successful holding of this ceremony also sounded the clarion call for the new OTDR to enter the global market.

At the event site, red and blue complemented each other. The sapphire KL-6200 was surrounded by flowers in the center of the venue, exuding a dazzling "protagonist halo". JILONG employees also gathered at this moment to witness together.

With R&D chief engineer Mr. Shan and production chief engineer Mr. Yu on stage, the ceremony also entered its climax. With the countdown of all the participants, the two leaders held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the KL-6200. The red silk fell, the treasure box was opened, and the JILONG employees present gave warm applause.

JILONG KL-6200 is positioned as a high-end engineering machine. Whether it is performance, parameters, or appearance workmanship, it is a leader in the industry. What makes JILONG people proud is its "one machine with multiple functions" features, including OTDR , OPM, SLS, VFL, FIP, network test functions.

At the end of the ceremony, all the staff took a group photo. Everyone held the KL-6200 and gave a thumbs up proudly. The ceremony also came to a successful conclusion.

Thirty years of trials and hardships, more than 20 months of dedicated research and development, the successful listing of KL-6200 condensed the efforts and dedication of the R&D team hundreds of days and nights, and it is precisely because of this that JILONG Communications has developed a path of its own in the optical communication industry. It is precisely because of the emergence of JILONG that the domestic optical fiber fusion splicer and the domestic OTDR have the right to speak in the forest of the world's communication brands, and they benefit the global communicators with their superior performance and preferential prices.



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