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Nanjing Jilong: new ideas to lead the heat welding

With the rapid spread of high-definition video, online TV, online gaming and other high-bandwidth services, the user demand for bandwidth and the Japanese surge, FTTH as the last one kilometer broadband access the best solution has been recognized by global operators. The large-scale deployment of FTTH speed network to the user experience, but also to the industry chain parties has brought unprecedented opportunities for development.

In this regard, Nanjing Jilong Optical Fiber Communication Co., Ltd. as a domestic brand welding machine enterprises, to seize the opportunity to lead the heat fusion trend, actively grasp the Chinese fiber optic broadband market, and to become a global optical communications instrumentation specialist, as a company’s future ambitions.

Optimistic about the FTTH market: force field fiber splicing

Nanjing Jilong Optical Fiber Communication Co., Ltd., as a domestic leader in fusion splicer, have set up offices in several cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu, to provide domestic regional product support and after-sales service. Main products include fully automatic fiber welding machine, compact multifunction handheld fiber welding machines, high-precision fiber cleaver, fiber optic wire stripper, optical power meter, OTDR, optical tools. Nanjing Jilong strive to domestic market leader, expressed confidence that this was mainly due to implementation of the “broadband China” strategy to the industry chain has brought great opportunities, FTTH optical fiber splice product demand has become increasingly strong.

With the large-scale deployment of FTTH, optical fiber connector technology for the industry’s choice of dispute intensified, in the end is to select the “cold contact” or “hot melt” the industry has become the focus of debate. Among them, the cold then because of its convenient, efficient, low cost construction, are widely used in foreign countries, especially Japan, Korea and other places to get a large area. In Nanjing Jilong opinion, a cold then technology is not so perfect, from the practical point of view, technology is still cold then there are many problems: First, the widespread use of inferior cutting knife, cutting surface field fiber can cause quality defects; secondly, the connection device manufacturers for cold splicing products recognize only stay on the surface, there is no set of practical quality assurance system; in addition, the cold then the higher cost of staff training. Although the user demand for bandwidth is still large, but the operator is not necessary in order to pursue rapid deployment away a single cold-contact technology, resulting in network quality can not be guaranteed.

Rediscover melt value: Nanjing Jilong new thermal fusion concept

Since FTTH “Splice” technology poor product quality, construction is not standardized, too many obstacles to the operator and the network can not guarantee the quality, and the “hot melt” is precisely known for quality and reliable connection. Therefore, we need to recognize that “hot melt” value. However, the “hot-melt” technology has some limitations, the traditional hot melt machine price, volume, and the operator’s technical requirements are difficult to meet operators FTTH “high efficiency” requirements.

At present, Nanjing Jilong launch fiber welding machine include KL-500, KL-520 and KL-360S three products currently subject to the operators around the favor, to respond effectively to the current status of domestic FTTH insufficient. “Light weight Nanjing Jilong KL series hot melt solutions, small size and lightweight it can be carried to any construction site, and on-site captive battery powered environment not required. In addition, KL completely ‘fool’ operation, the operator almost without training, eager to get rid of this feature is the country ‘Splice’ predicament and ‘melt’ limitations operators urgently needed. “KL series has turned FTTH” hot melt “era.

Innovative service concept: the introduction of the concept 4S

Compared with similar fusion splicer manufacturers, Nanjing Jilong Fibre fusion programs in product performance, price, service and other aspects have the advantage. Some products on the market, although the price is relatively low, but can only do FTTH, while Jilong’s products can do more application deployments, including those applicable to FTTH and trunk construction, further improve user productivity, reduce costs, so that a machine can ,Easy to use. Many large companies already in the market has laid a fiber splice very solid foundation, but because these companies are in a “seller’s market” stage to enter the market, sales are waiting for orders at your fingertips in front of the phone, so the concept of customer service is relatively weak. Nanjing Jilong profound understanding of the importance of the level of service development company, will always adhere to provide products at the same time the need to provide more attentive service to customers in the use of the instrument when not to worry about learning “4S service concept.”

At present, Nanjing has been customer centers and offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Jinan, Fuzhou, Shenyang, Xi’an, Guiyang, Nanning and other places, the individual service stations are equipped to provide users with free prototype machine services.

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