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Jilong new product optical power meter OPM-22/22V release

As an established enterprise in the field of optical fiber fusion splicers in China, Jilong Communications has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of R&D and innovation. Nowadays, in order to welcome the era of 5G communications and meet more product needs of new and old customers, Jilong Communications has successfully transformed and began to develop comprehensively with four major product lines: "fiber splicer, OTDR, measuring instrument, and fiber optic tools" , And strive to provide optical communication solutions for global users. Now,  new OPM-22 mini optical power meter and OPM-22V all-in-one machine will be officially launched on the 2020 October 10th, which is another new product after the visual fault locator.

The OPM-22V all-in-one machine adopts a new MINI pocket design, which is not only easy to operate with one hand, but also easy to carry when going out daily; its measurement accuracy is high, only less than 0.2dB, which greatly improves the accuracy of the results in line detection; Multiple wavelengths (850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm), you can freely choose according to the working conditions, automatic wavelength memory function, for you to save the wavelength data before shutdown; general interface design, can be adapted to SC, ST , FC connector.

In order to effectively improve product friendliness and ease of use, the OPM-22V multifunctional machine not only has an optical fiber power test interface, but also a VFL interface designed with a strong and stable light source. In terms of product function, it is one machine with multiple functions, and the product is extremely cost-effective.

OPM-22V is designed with a network test module. Through the "PRESS" button, you can perform network line sequence measurement, determine signal transmission, portable storage, and anti-lost warm-hearted design.

As a communication person, especially the front-line technicians, I must have the experience of checking the line in the dark environment! The OPM-22V all-in-one machine is equipped with a small LED flashlight, which makes it more convenient for you to check the line under the dim light conditions. I often go out for a whole day for testing. Is the machine often out of power? OPM-22V can be equipped with a lithium battery and a USB charging port, which can support mainstream charging devices on the market, such as power banks, computer USB, car USB, etc., and you don’t have to worry about power failure when you go out.

What is the function of the OPM-22 mini optical power meter? In fact, compared to OPM-22V, OPM-22 optical power meter only without VFL function, and other functions are basically the same. Users of the two models can choose freely according to their needs.


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