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Jilong optical visual fault locator VFL-22M released

As the global 5G network construction process has entered the fast lane, various industries in optical communications have ushered in a new dawn, especially in the field of optical fiber measurement. As a professional supplier of optical communication products and solutions in China, Jilong Communications has continued to make efforts in the research and development of measuring instruments. Recently, VFL-22M mini visual fault locator was officially released, bringing a better experience to users.

VFL-22M adopts a mini appearance design, which is not only easy to operate with one hand, but also light and easy to carry; the case is made of frosted material, which is not easy to slip when holding it; because it is equipped with a high-end laser chip, the red light source is strong and stable, and has strong penetrating power; 2.5mm universal interface, can be applied to SC, FC, ST, LC (optional) and other connector interfaces; with 10mW, 20mW, 30mW three power product models, the test distance can reach 25 ~ 30KM; Two flashing detection methods can be switched with one button, allowing you to easily find fiber link faults.

VFL-22M adopts a hidden button design, which greatly reduces accidental touches. The dust cap is made of silicone material, which is not easy to break when pulled at will. It effectively prevents dust and fully protects the laser. There are optional battery and lithium battery charging models. Not only that, it also supports USB charging, and supports current mainstream charging devices, such as power banks, car charging, etc..

VFL-22M is designed with a small LED lighting flashlight, with strong light source and good lighting effect, making it more convenient to check the line in the dark.


The optical fiber visual fault locator uses a 650nm semiconductor laser as a light-emitting device, and is driven by a constant current source to emit stable red light, which is connected to the optical interface and enters the optical fiber to realize the optical fiber fault detection function. It also includes detecting the fiber connectivity and locating the fiber fault point such as fracture, bending, etc.


1. Check whether the visual fault locator is in good condition

Take away the dust cap and turn on, and observe whether it has red light, if has means that the red light pen is normal;

2. Choose the appropriate connector according to the type of fiber jumper

Select the appropriate connector according to the type of fiber jumper (the interface type of the fiber jumper SC/FC/ST/LC) (Note: Please clean the interface with a cleaning tool before inserting the fiber jumper);

3. Select the working mode of the visual fault locator to detect

①Select the constant light mode  (long press for 2s, it will be always on when it is turned on), and check whether the fiber jumper is connected and intact by continuous light. If there is no red light leakage in the fiber jumper, it means the fiber line is intact;

②If there is a red light leakage somewhere in the fiber, turn on the flashing mode  (press the power button again), and quickly find the fault point of the fiber jumper through the blinking light.

Note: If the fiber is damaged due to excessive fiber bending, just replace the fiber. If the failure point of the fiber is the fiber fusion joint, then there may be bubbles in the splice, and the fiber needs to be spliced again.


"Focusing on optical communications for 25 years", Jilong has been persistently exploring the optical communications industry and is committed to providing optical communications solutions to users worldwide. Today, Jilong has successfully transformed itself, not only focusing on optical fiber fusion splicers, but also forming a comprehensive development of the four major product lines "fiber fusion splicers, OTDRs, measuring instruments, and optical tools" to welcome the 5G era


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