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High precision fiber optic cleaver officially launched!

As the first listed company in the domestic fusion splicer field, JILONG Communications is taking "change and innovation" as its theme to interpret JILONG's story in the new era of 5G. In order to meet the needs of users and provide high-quality solutions, JILONG communications new products follow one after another --- with automatic fiber take-up function, high-precision fiber cleaver KL-21C.

The current 5G infrastructure construction is in full swing, 5G base station construction, 4G base station upgrades, backbone network update and maintenance, FTTH popularization... and these are inseparable from the support of optical fiber communication technology. What about connecting the optical fibers together? The optical fiber fusion technology is used, and the optical fiber cleaver is one of the indispensable tools in the optical fiber fusion, which directly affects the loss of the optical fiber fusion splicing.

The KL-21C optical fiber cleaver adopts a brand-new design, the metallic black color scheme looks very textured, and the automatic fiber-rewinding function is eye-catching. At present, the KL-21C optical fiber cleaver has applied for patent protection. (Patent application number: 202121129055.4)

The KL-21C optical fiber cleaver is formed by high-precision CNC processing, with strong corrosion resistance and high cutting accuracy. The blade material is processed with advanced tungsten steel technology, high hardness, making the blade extremely sharp. Using JBL-16 blade, the cutting angle is less than 0.5°. Cut smoothly, and the blade life can reach 48,000 times, which is durable.

The KL-21C adopts a fully automatic fiber-rewinding design, which not only avoids fiber end-face pollution and reduces waste fiber scratches, but also greatly improves work efficiency. At present, the automatic fiber collecting box device has obtained the invention patent certification.

KL-21C has an all-in-one fixture with its own scale, which is suitable for various optical fibers of 250μm~3.0mm, which helps to quickly complete the optical fiber splicing task during construction.

KL-21C special-made optical fiber carrying protective box, with a card slot design in the box, to avoid abnormal shaking and collisions causing damage to the cutting knife body.

KL-21C has precise cutting angle and flat cutting surface, which reduces the transmission loss of optical fiber connection. It is an indispensable tool for optical communication construction.

Notice: the reason of bad cutting

1、The fiber isn’t placed well

2、High blade position

3、Residual rubbish on the fixture

4、The dirty on the blade or fiber


The factors determine the cutting precision:

① Fiber-resistant design, high elastic silicone pad, stable cutting

② High precision slide rail, simple operation, smooth cutting, precision and stability

③ Cleaved angle ≤ 0.5°, less loss


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