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High-precision dual-fixture fiber cleaver officially released

As the construction of fiber optic broadband access networks and 4G mobile communication base stations is basically completed, operators are gradually shifting their focus to 5G and fiber optic network upgrades, which also means that 5G and fiber optic networks will usher in a new round of demand. And this news is good for domestic optical communication brand manufacturers. As a professional optical communication equipment manufacturer, JILONG Communication is also making continuous efforts. Now, the dual-fixture optical fiber cleaver KL-23F, which has a design patent, was officially unveiled.

The KL-23F fiber cleaver adopts a brand-new appearance design, and the appearance of metallic black color makes the blade look extremely textured. KL-23F is a traditional desktop cleaver, simple and easy to use. At present, the design of KL-23F optical fiber cleaver has applied for patent protection.

(Patent application number: 202130310158.X)

KL-23F optical fiber cleaver is formed by high-precision CNC processing, with strong corrosion resistance and good stability; the matched JBL-23 blade is processed by real tungsten steel advanced technology, with high hardness and sharp blade; cutting angle ≤0.5 degrees, cutting face flat, blade life up to 48000 times, durable. Not only that, the JBL-23 blade also has an anti-counterfeiting function, which has been patented. (Patent application number: 202121119902.9)

KL-23F all-in-one fixture design, with scale, suitable for various optical fibers of 250μm~3.0mm. KL-23F comes standard with dual fixture options, which are quick and convenient to use and improve work efficiency. Users can choose according to their actual needs.

In order to better save time and shorten the project implementation cycle, KL-23F has designed an automatic tool return device. After the user cuts the optical fiber, the upper cover is opened, and the slide rail automatically returns to its position.

KL-23F special-made optical fiber carrying protective box, with a card slot design in the box, to avoid abnormal shaking and collisions causing damage to the cutting knife body.

At present, KL-23F carrying case has applied for patent protection. (Patent application number: 202130310135.9)

KL-23F is an indispensable tool for optical fiber fusion splicing, with precise cutting angle, flat fiber end face, and low fiber connection loss, which can meet the construction needs of different projects.

The factors determine the cutting precision:

①Fiber-resistant design, high elastic silicone pad, stable cutting;

②High precision slide rail, simple operation, smooth cutting, precision and stability;

③Cleaved angle ≤ 0.5°, less loss.


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