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A new generation of master OTDR is here!

As we all know, OTDR is an optical fiber test instrument, which can be used for attenuation measurement of optical fiber links, quality inspection of optical fiber connectors and optical fiber splices. It can not only measure the fiber length, but also analyze the loss distribution of the link. However, the quality of the existing OTDRs on the market is uneven, and there are various bugs.
1. Single function, poor applicability and practicability in complex construction environment
2. The UI interface experience is poor, and the human-computer interaction software is blunt
3. The measurement accuracy is low and the dead zone is too large

In order to solve the difficulties and pain points encountered by the current communicators, the Nanjing JILONG R&D team has spent more than 20 months in research and development. After thousands of tests, the new generation of OTDR KL-6200 has been launched. KL-6200 will be the leader in the industry in terms of performance, parameters, and appearance workmanship; not only that, the emergence of this machine will bring new changes to the global OTDR brand ranking.
A、Multiple functions, 6 kinds of functions can be switched randomly
In addition to OTDR, KL-6200 can also be used as a visual fault locator, power meter, stable light source, end face detector and network tester. It is the industry's leading multi-functional, high-precision and intelligent OTDR.
B、 Application scenarios
JILONG KL-6200 OTDR is widely used in optical network terminals (ONT), FTTH distribution (F2) fiber characterized distribution hubs (FDH), fault diagnosis and fault finding

C、 Brand-new UI Design
1、Interface upgrade: KL-6200 has a 3.5-inch color LCD screen, despite the small size of the KL-6200 screen, its resolution is as high as 640 × 480, and its clarity is far superior to the 5-inch display in similar products; UI design, the interface is more beautiful, the look and feel is more comfortable, and the functional modules are more complete.
2、Dual-wavelength test: JILONG is the first to implement dual-wavelength testing in a 3.5-inch OTDR display screen, which can complement the advantages of the test, and the interface can display dual-wavelength test results at the same time.

3、Dual-mode test: In the setting interface, it can be set to automatic or manual measurement mode. This function is provided for novices or users who are uncertain about the optical fiber link. It is recommended to use the Auto mode for testing. The instrument will intelligently set the appropriate test conditions (pulse width, range) according to the actual situation of the optical fiber link.
4、Intelligent trace analysis: Only 1m event dead zone, ranking first among similar products at home and abroad, the theoretical test distance is 140km, the test results are displayed in the form of trace, and the results are displayed dynamically.
5、Events list: The KL-6200 system is optimized and upgraded to achieve the effect of viewing 3 event information at the same time; the link summary can view the overall situation of the trace.
6、Link map: Display events in the form of icons and test results at a glance
D、 User-friendly: comfortable grip, durable
The weight of the KL-6200 is only 0.7kg. The corners of the fuselage are rounded and the shape is gentler. The outer casing is exquisite in workmanship and comfortable to hold. The new rubber sheath can effectively reduce the damage to the body and prolong the service life.
E、Brand Guarantee: JILONG promises a 3-year warranty
JILONG solemnly promises that if the KL-6200 main body has material or workmanship problems, it will be free of charge within 3 years from the date of delivery, build a high-quality product after-sales guarantee system for you.
JILONG knows that what you need is a practical instrument, not an ordinary model toy. As a high-end OTDR with multiple functions, KL-6200 is an ideal fiber measurement assistant for communicators.


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