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Service Philosophy

Customer needs are endless. We have won the respect of the market and customers with the service concept of full service, touching customers, dedicated service and long-term service.

  • National Service

    National Service

    There are dozens of sales and service offices in all regions (provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government) across the country, with 200 service personnel.
  • 人员职责

    Personnel Responsibilities

    Service agencies have the positions of regional manager and account manager, responsible for product sales and service matters
  • 工程服务

    Product Service

    Set up a product service department with professional product knowledge, 24h to provide product explanations, video demonstrations, etc. for customers in all regions of the country
  • 硬件支持

    Technical Support

    Establish a technical service department with professional engineers to provide technical services to customers and units in various regions throughout the country

Warranty Policy

In order to protect the rights and interests of users, the manufacturer makes a solemn promise to completely solve your worries,will provide customers with the final repair voice. We are also willing to take responsibility. Regardless of whether the machine is under warranty or outside the warranty, we can complete the repair, eliminating the worry of customer , and will not waste resources and property due to small faults that cannot be repaired.
Service Hotline
24-hour free service hotline (025-85880035) for product information and feedback on product usage
12 Months Warranty
Products sold are guaranteed for 12 months
Priority Supply
The accessories and consumables of the products sold are guaranteed priority supply
Technical support
Provide users with lifetime technical guidance services
Multiple service methods
A variety of service methods for users to choose

Guarantee description

We have used a standardized and standard work process; open maintenance projects, transparent maintenance costs, and standardized maintenance procedures.

12 months warranty

Products sold are guaranteed for 12 months

1+3 complete set of standardized services

Jilong provides one-stop product services, user manual &videos, product maintenance

Product consumables provided

Solve the user’s worries, give priority to the supply of consumables within three years

Lifetime technical guidance

Providing life-long technical guidance for series of fusion splicers, OTDRs, measuring instruments, and fiber tools

Maintenance service

Why does the instrument need maintenance?


Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the service life of the machine

Ensure that the machine is in use with low loss and high accuracy

No maintenance

The machine is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, and the loss is large during use and detection, and the accuracy is low

Affect the use of the machine, increase power consumption and shorten the service life of the machine

The fiber fusion splicer cleans the presser foot and V-groove to prevent one side of the fiber from tilting when the splice is aligned, and the splicing loss is high

When the OTDR is not in use for several weeks, remove the battery. And please recharge it when use it next time, which can effectively extend its life; when the optical connector is not in use, please cover with a protective cover to avoid affecting the test results

The optical power meter is calibrated regularly, and use with a light source can reduce loss and improve detection accuracy

If fusion splicer is not maintained and cleaned for a long time, resulting in poor splicing quality, high loss

If the OTDR is not maintained and cleaned for a long time, it is easy to damage the optical connector, which will affect the test result, cause large errors, and cause damage to the machine and shorten its service life.

Long-term unclean calibration of the optical power meter will easily cause damage to the laser ceramic core, affect the test results, and shorten the service life of the machine


After-sales service


1、Network method: guide users to solve problems by themselves through WeChat, QQ, email, video and other network methods

2、Telephone guidance: One-to-one communication is carried out by telephone, and guide users to solve problems by themselves

3、Door-to-door inspection: Regularly or irregularly organize technical service team to come to inspect or maintain products

4、Return to the factory for repair: open a green channel, users can mail or return to the factory with a machine, and deal with the fault on site

Professional and thoughtful after-sales service, Nanjing Jilong Customer Service Center has been using high-standard after-sales service to quietly nourish every customer in the industry. The company has been committed to promoting high-standard five "1" services to bring you better perception and memory.

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