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Jilong Communications' Global Strategic Layout

Serve customers sincerely and build a century-old Jilong;
customer needs will always be our guidance, and sincere customer service will always be our pursuit

Why choose Jilong?

For almost 30 years, Jilong has been tirelessly researching and developing optical splicing technology, and has obtained 150+ related patents, breaking the monopoly of foreign optical fiber fusion splicing technology, promoting the development of domestic fusion splicing technology and splicing machine. With a certain contribution, the development history of Jilong is the development history of a domestic fusion splicer.

  • The company's R&D and production base covers an area of 20 acres, with a standardized office building and a modern production workshop of 8,700 square meters.
  • The ISO9001 quality management system runs through the entire process of product development and production.
  • High and low temperature impact test, high temperature aging test, low temperature storage test, and vibration test ensure product quality.
  • Products are sold all over the country and Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions


10+ Branches


150+ Related Patents


80+ Countries Business Coverage


150,000 square feet office buildings and production workshops

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To build a century-old enterprise, the pioneer of domestic optical fiber fusion splicer

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