Why Choose JILONG?

In the early 1990s, the domestic field of optical fiber fusion splicer was blank. At that time, the domestic market was monopolized by imported splicer brands in order to solve this dilemma, in 1993, the predecessor of Nanjing Jilong -- Cologne Communication Technology Co., LTD was established, which opened the door of independent research and development of domestic fusion machine.

Over 30 years of optical communications research and development, Jilong Communications has developed into a global optical communications product and solution professional.

Brand Story

As the pioneer of domestic fiber fusion splicer,
Jilong's growth history can be described as the development path of domestic fiber fusion splicer.

Brand Story

Product Style

Overcoming obstacles, from "0" to "1",
Jilong has developed a "multi-series, multi-performance" fusion splicer.

Product Style

Digital JIlong

National high-tech enterprise, global professional
supplier of optical communication products and solutions


The number of branches established in various
regions in China exceeds 10+


Has 155 related technology
patent certifications


Service agents in more than
50 regions around the world


Services cover more than 80
countries and regions around the world

Technological Innovation

In the past 30 years of development, many brilliant
achievements have been made in the field of fusion splicers.

1 municipal engineering technology research center

Jilong Laboratory was recognized as "Nanjing Communication Equipment Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center"

155Patents have been obtained

51 Inventions

74 Utility model patents

20 Appearance design patents

10 Software copyrights

10+items of intellectual property certification

Participated in the drafting of 1 national standard

Leading the drafting of the "New National Standard for Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer", which was officially released in August 2019 and implemented in March 2020

National High-Tech Enterprise
Since 2011

Enter Jilong

The Jilong Industrial Park covers an area of 20 acres,
with standardized office buildings and modern production workshops over 8,700 square meters.


Jilong Industrial Park

Jilong Communication Industrial Park is composed of 4 single buildings, including production area, test area, laboratory, main staff office area, canteen, gymnasium, lecture hall and other daily office and leisure infrastructure. It is a distinctive and diversified infrastructure, modern industrial park.


Testing Laboratory

The industry’s advanced laboratories have been built, with advanced and sophisticated testing equipment, and strict control of product quality. Products off-line need to undergo high and low temperature impact tests, high temperature aging tests, low temperature storage tests, vibration tests and other processes to ensure product quality.


Modular work

It has a standardized office building and a modern production workshop of 8,700 square meters. The production line is operated in strict accordance with the requirements of production process documents and safety production. Each instrument is completed through the division of labor and cooperation of several professional departments, and the test can be taken off the line without failure.


Smart warehouse

A modern intelligent warehouse management model has been established, which controls raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products at all levels, and requires strict warehousing mechanisms. It fully cooperates with the company's sales to support and guarantee work, and strive to provide users with qualified products and satisfactory services.


CNC process manufacturing

The products adopt advanced manufacturing technology in the industry. The people of Jilong always adhere to the ingenuity and quality, are rigorous, conscientious, strive for perfection, and pursue perfection. satisfy.


Humanities and culture

"People-oriented, caring for employees" is one of the important factors to enhance corporate cohesion. Jilong thoroughly implements this humanistic philosophy, actively carries out activities, attaches importance to employee growth, provides employees with a platform for self-expression, and at the same time conveys corporate culture and strengthens employees' sense of belonging.

Company Culture

Integration · Harmony · Refining · Rapport

Integration: Promote sincere and united teamwork, call on all employees to be one and like-minded

Harmony: Attach importance to the equality and harmony of emotional communication between employees, highlight humanistic care and tolerance, and create a friendly working environment

Refining: Pay attention to the training and improvement of employees' ability and quality, and always adhere to the corporate philosophy of people-oriented, technological innovation and quality first

Rapport: A kind of confidence and courage for future development goals is the mission of the people of Jilong. With a broader vision and a more bold and enterprising spirit after been listed, has reached a new level and created new brilliance, thus achieving the goal of unifying corporate development and personal value.

Jilong Vision

"Based on China, serving the world" is Jilong's unchanging position, creating a "Hundred-year Jilong Dream" is the unchanging mission of Jilong people, and "serving customers sincerely and trading sincerity" is Jilong's unchanging tenet.

With an attitude of "openness and enterprising, cooperation and win-win", Jilong is constantly innovating and tackling key problems, aiming at "global 5G trends and China's strategy", keeping up with the pace of new infrastructure led by 5G, seizing current opportunities, and fully welcoming the 5G era. In the future, Jilong will continue to deepen reform measures, implement the "going out" strategy, and will start to establish overseas warehouses. At the same time, it welcomes the participation of global agents and accelerates its progress toward a global international company!

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